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planet: Noekah
Land: Elgrath
main character: Luna
her father Seth
the Centaur Thar

involved tribes: Moonchildren
Sun skrews

She set out by night. Being a moonchild enabled her to merge with darkness whenever she wanted to so she felt save when it was dark.
There she knew she could just stand and wait until the danger had gone away.
By day moonchildren used to be just like all the others. No special powers made them superheroes, no piece of cloth made them fly. The others weren't much better anyway. Basically planet Noekah wasn't the place for real hero kind of types...

The sun skrews for example only had the advantage of being able to change their looks like a woman who had been to the barber recently. But not only their hair and face changed, they could alter their limbs which made them very hard to track down once a sun skrew had done something bad.
But that didn't happen very often. They were the most peaceful race on planet Noekah.
Sun skrews used to be very good merchants (they even could sell shoes to a centaur!) and inn-keepers, they were the ones who held the community on planet Noekah together.

She knew she had to be there before dawn. Slowly she slid across the stony path that led down to the village. She was regretting that she didn't ask anybody to come with her. But who could she possibly have asked for a favour like this? No one she knew would be that loyal and such a true believer in an idea she had as to risk his life for it.

Trouble was that her father used to be sick for a very long time. One illness after another befell the old man.
Indeed he was old for a moonchild. They used to be called moonchild for all their lives, no matter how old they'd eventually become.
But he still was bitterly needed by his people.
The moonchildren only had one leader and if this leader was to die they'd have to wait for another one. Sometimes this took almost a century. He was the chosen one for 6 full decades and if he abandoned them they would be without any spiritual growth for who knows how long. Some of the moonchildren couldn't cope with that thought so they sought for another chosen one. But if the recent one was still alive no one could find a new one that was for sure. They just tried but tried in vain.

But she believed in her fathers strength. She couldn't let him down and didn't want to see him suffer. His illness worsened but she would still believe in him and his will to rule over the moonchildren.
In the old moonchild tradition there was no possibility of passing on the ruler's place to his children or any other family member.
In fact Luna wasn't even connected to her father any more than all the other moonchildren who were fortunate enough to be able to serve the ruler. She was picked in the same ritual like the other servants and had the task to care for him and his health.
For him she did all that...she knew she was going on a very dangerous journey.

Luna learned about herbs and the making of healing potions from a wise woman who met with her father on a regular base. So she knew what she was looking for.
A plant called Abnasz could restore her father's health...if only she would find it in the forests of Elgrath...

She was heading for Elgrath, through dark passages she never was before she ran in dark night....until she got too tired to carry on.
Perhaps she should have taken some water with her but she forgot all about it as she set out.
So she had to find water. The sooner the better....

He had been a centaur for all his life. He didn't know any different but he knew that he wanted to become like the moonchildren.
He didn't like the sun skrews as they sometimes when they were in a foolish mood they altered their bodies to look like the centaurs when bringing new wares on the path through the centaur's woods. He didn't consider that funny.
He would have given anything to get rid of these horse-like features. His upper part of the body looked perfectly normal, perhaps his chest and arms were just a little more hairy than the others but he didn't bother, but the rest of his body looked like the one of a horse.

Surely, he could run pretty fast, he would have been able to take children on his back or even grown ups and be Elgrath's taxi driver of some sort.

But the moonchildren and the sun skrews shunned centaurs. They were afraid of them and they had expelled them a long time ago. Centaurs had to live in the woods, unseen and unheard for all their lives apart from everything that could have been happening in the cities.

Thar wanted to become like the moonchildren. But he knew he couldn't. Just like on our planet, magic was something that was captured between dream and reality and almost no one knew how to make it come through.
If only he knew anything about magic. He didn't.
The centaurs were locked up for too long so they lost touch with anything mental.
They knew how to work but Thar always wanted to feed his mind which he couldn't. There was no centaur that could teach him and he wasn't allowed to go to the cities.

Thar sat down by the riverside. He was sad again. It must have been already morning but it was all dark and cold. The grass was wet and he felt very uneasy. But weariness took its toll and he slowly fell asleep....

Finally! Luna could sense flowing water!
Just to the left of her path a river was flowing gently. She could hardly see it (moonchildrens eyes are much better than ours by night but as it was still very dark she primarily used her other senses to find that river) but she could hear it and the silken coolness of clean water slowly cleared her exhausted lungs.
She hastily ran to the river, knelt down beside it and washed her face, then her hands and finally started drinking greedily.

Luna could only think of refreshing her whole body and how good it immediately felt that she didn't hear the steps behind her. Finally she did and she panicked. "Don't turn around" she heard a voice commanding in a harsh manner.

Now she panicked even more. "Who is it?" she feebly asked.

"Who are you I want to know...."

"Well, I....I am...my name is Luna, I'm healer of the leader..."

"Which leader?" The voice sounded mean and Luna really didn't dare turning around.

"The moonchild leader" she said hoarsly.
She never felt so alarmed before. Normally she never went out alone and now that she did she managed to get herself into trouble pretty soon. What if she didn't come back to her father...thoughts ran wildly through her head as the stranger once more asked.

"Then what are you doing here?"

It was as if there was more than one...she heard steps getting closer and closer...even the soft grass would echo these heavy footsteps.

"I'm just seeking some herb".

"In the middle of the night...with a claymore on your shoulders....JUST WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO DESTROY US?"
The voice sounds like the voice of a centaur she thought. That would explain the footsteps too. But if it was a centaur she'd be in real jeopardy...

"We....don't want to destroy you...." Her voice must have sounded completely pathetic. There swung by far too much terror within it. She carried a weapon and now she finally had to use it she thought to herself. Maybe now that she looked scared he'd underestimate her. She didn't even know if he was armed....but now she dared to grab her sword and turn around....

A huge dark haired centaur was standing right in front of her. She pointed her weapon at his hairy cheast and just as she wanted to take that final step ahead to stab him he jumped aside with his fast four horse legs, kicked the sword from out of her hands and grabbed her by the shoulders with his human arms.
She screamed in terror.

"Why do you want to kill me?" he asked almost disappointedly.

"Because you are a centaur and you are dangerous to us". That's what she had been told for all her life. Why wouldn't that be true?

"Yes, we can be dangerous...even I can be dangerous at times...but if I weren't, would I still be alive by now?"

He let go of her shoulders and shook his head in unbelief.

"I'm sorry...you scared the hell ouf of me and I didn't know what to do. I didn't intend to kill you."

"That's what you have been saying for centuries. You bastards. What is it that makes us so different from you? We may not be as clever as you, but that is just because we don't have wise men and women and we don't get any books from the merchants. We can't go out in the cities, we are merely your slaves and then you come around and tell me that we are dangerous! You are dangerous for all of us. You stole away our freedom, now you're stealing our freedom of thought and some of us have to pay with their lives if they demand the same rights as you have." The centaur's face darkened again.

Luna almost felt bad for the moonchildren. Yes, it was them that made the centaurs leave the cities and it was them who ordered them to stay in the woods for all their lives but it was for everyone's safety. In the old days they'd simply go everywhere the moonchildren and the sun skrews used to go but with their looks they scared the kids. Even toddlers would be afraid of them.
Now that she first saw a centaur from eye to eye she thought that he didn't look horrible at all. She thought his face looked even better than most of the moonchildren's and his upper body looked strong and protective. His horse features didn't bother her either...he was a brown horse with well defined muscles...

"What will you do now?" she asked and looked into his big dark eyes that were glowing like a shooting star falling from a nightly Noekah sky.

"Maybe I will take you prisoner...didn't you say you were the ruler's healer? That could give us an advantage in demanding our rights."

Luna grabbed the sword that was lying at the close riverside in high grass. It was sliding from out of her hands just as she had found the handle.

In one moment the centaur took her by the legs and dragged her away from the sword. It was like she was sliding over the grass. She came to an halt some steps further and turned around.

Now she was lying on her back, the centaur was standing above her and could easily trampled her down. He moved a little backwards and took her by the arms. He lifted her up and made her sit on his horseback.
Then he said "Don't you dare moving" and went to the place the sword was lying. There he picked it up and held it in his right hand.
He started cantering and she didn't know how to hold herself. She finally wrapped her arms around his chest as he proceeded deeper into the forest.

Thar slowed down as they approached a fireplace and finally stopped right in front of a dusty barrel that had been placed at one side of a small wooden house.

"We're here...c'mon, jump!" he ordered. Luna jumped from up his back and landed once again on her back. She never sat on a horse before so she didn't really know how to come down again.
"I must have forgotten to swing my right leg over his lower back" she thought to herself as another centaur came rushing by.

He screamed at Thar and just like he spoke another language Luna could merely understand that it was about her that he was screaming but she didn't catch the whole meaning of his words while she was lying on the ground.

Thar was eagerly engaged with that other centaur so Luna thought that if she could run she'd have to do it right now. So she picked herself up from of the dirty ground and started to run right into the forest.
Unfortunately she made enough noise to even interrupt the quarrel of Thar and his centaur friend and both of them came running heavily as quick as they could.
One of them encircled her by each side and grabbed her by her arms and shoulders with his big hands. She screamed in terror and shook her body in wild desperation as Thar picked her up again and rode her back to the fireplace.

"You shouldn't have done that, now I know what kind of moonchild you are!" he screamed violently as he pushed her from off his back and let her come down just before the fireplace where another couple of centaurs stood and watched the whole scene in sheer amusement.

Now she was close to tears but she knew she should be strong now. She never had experienced such a thing before and never even had come close to the centaurs.

"What we have here is the leader's healer. We could make a fortune with her!" Thar screamed into the round of centaurs that were now eagerly examining that lost moonchild.

"I found her myself. She was drinking water by the river and I picked her up." Thar looked proud.

"We could use her as a hostage and demand our rights as free citizens" another centaur said while touching her hair with his dirty fingers.

All of the centaurs wanted to touch Luna once or twice until they decided to take her inside on of their barren dwellings just to bind her arms and legs onto a pole.
Now she sat there with a dirty face asking herself if she ever could come out of here alive.
The centaurs had left her in order to call up a meeting in wich they would decide what to do with her.

After long hours of waiting Luna's weary eyes could sense Thar. He was suddenly standing right in front of her.

"We have decided to write down a petition and send it over to the moonchildren. We are going to tell them if they want to see you again they will have to give us all the rights they've been refusing us for so long. In the meantime: just what made you think that you could walk past us without getting caught?"

"I was and I am desperate. I need to find a cure to my father's, err the leader's illness. He won't last any longer if I can't find what he must get. Please help me, I would do anything to make the leader sign that petition!"

Thar grinned. "I see. It's like that....so this means you're in double jeopardy."

"I don't care what you do with me but it's very important for my fellow moonchildren to restore the leader's health. If we fail and he dies we won't have a leader for I don't know how long and that means regression and..."

"Shut up!" Thar seemed to be losing it with Luna. "Your father's health is all you're talking about. We've been suffering through the ages and we don't even know the word "regression" because we never had a progress in order to get "regression" and you, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR FATHER'S HEALTH!"

Tears started to show in Luna's eyes. She blinked.
Thar looked away. He knew he was too soft-hearted for a task like this. Especially with a girl like her.
But he wanted the others to know that he was just as good as them and even if he has never been the hardest worker he could be strong in will and do his best for the centaurs.
Luna closed her eyes. She didn't want to show her tears and she didn't want to see Thar anyway.
All she wanted was that herb Abnasz...before her inner eye she could see a piece of Abnasz, yellow-greenish leaves with little red dots in an irregular pattern all over the leaves.
The root was of highest importance since that piece of the herb had the strongest healing power and could restore her father's health immediately.
She could almost smell it.
Thar moved away. She heard his heavy hoofs but didn't look. Finally she fell asleep.

Chapter 3:

"Good morning" Thar entered the room with a plate in his hands.

Luna was hungry but taking food from her punisher would only show her weakness so she decided not to take anything from Thar.
Luna pretended she was still asleep.

Thar mumbled to himself: "Those moonchildren seem to have a rather good sleep once they've arrived dreamland...and how sweet Luna looks when she's asleep..."

Instead of leaving her with the plate he seated himself next to her on the floor and watched her.

Luna could feel his breath on her head but she tried not to make a sound.
Somehow it didn't feel as bad as it should have felt.

How long did she seek a companion, but being a close servant of the leader as she was definitely didn't encourage anyone to date her.
She was too busy by far and once she had freetime he surely had to spend it near the leader. So going out was something she never experienced.
Basically she was too old for a companion anyway.
Most moonchildren got together much younger. But she decided differently. She wanted to serve the leader, not only because it was her father but she really believed in their community. She wanted to be a part of it, help her people develop in mind and soul. She never thought about the centaurs who had been restricted so much that they couldn't even buy books from the sun skrews. Now that one of them was so close to her she began to realise that maybe they've done them wrong....

Thar wouldn't let go. She hoped that he'd go away and leave her alone but he didn't. It must have been minutes, maybe even half an hour until she decided to open her eyes and stop pretending to still be asleep.

She looked into his glowing dark eyes.

"Good morning...I thought I'd bring some food. Hope you like it. It's just the usual stuff. We never get anything from the merchants so all we have is what we hunt and collect in the forest."

"Have you heard from my people? Do they accept the petition?" Luna asked.

"Luna, it's not that I wouldn't care about you. But your people like you call them have done so much to us that I just don't know how to react. I can never be sure if you'll flee once I've losened the ropes, I don't know what's going on in your beautiful little head....and now you should eat."

The centaur showed her his plate.

That cut deep. Hearing that out of a centaur's mouth made her feel bad. Maybe it was indeed the others who were the freaks. Yes, some of them and even some of the sun skrews had been afraid of centaurs but rather because of their habit of breaking through floors and damaging things than their looks. The buildings and all the cities just weren't made for the centaurs...building it all new would have cost a fortune. So maybe they wanted to get rid of them because of that....her thoughts started to swirl wildly in her head.

"I....I am hungry. Thank you very much...." Luna just had to take what he offered. Although she wasn't used to this kind of food she felt better after she had eaten some of it.

Thar stayed and told her what had been happening after one messenger brought the petition to the moonchildren.

UNFINISHED! Will go on as soon as I find the time...-


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