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Bagpipe tinnitus

So, look but don't steal. I've had that sort of thing before (and I don't mean anybody on my friends list but others who may find the pics and want to upload them to their homepages), just take a look at them, save them to your computer, I don't care...but don't CLAIM AS YOUR OWN! People will want to sue me in the end for stealing THEIR pictures when I've taken them (the most ridiculous part was: the guy said he's a photographer...would a real photographer take such bad pictures? *g*).
I don't want that anymore.

Yeah, but now enjoy.

I had a great time.

It's probably one of the best ways to start the 2007 Middle Ages season. :-)
Unfortunately there weren't as many people as usual, I really don't know why. Just around 110-120 I think. Last time I was there the building was over-crowded, that was in 2005.
The acoustics isn't quite good there, the walls are ringing with the chimes and stuff, that really can hurt sometimes.
I had a gorgeous bagpipe tinnitus afterwards. :-)

Hope to see them again at least twice in Burghausen this year, in Golling and...umm...dunno. Munich isn't gonna work cuz I go there on Saturday (well, and actually I don't care, as long as Kelvin is there and willing to say a quick or perhaps even a longer Hello I'm one of the happiest cjers on earth). Okay, four times a year should be enough...yess...


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