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I'm back. :-) The fair was quite incredible. Well, I'm still a bit devastated...erm, wrong word. Whatever.
Doesn't matter, I can't come up with anything that would make a bit more sense now.
You don't wanna hear stories, right? (well, okay maybe I will post something later...dunno).

I didn't watermark the pictures, please don't steal (save them on your computer, whatever but do not publish them elsewhere, thankies!)

So, this is how the trip started...in Munich....(also pics from the railway station. I love railway stations, I think I've mentioned before....)

We arrived just when Kelvin did one of his earlier shows that day, we missed most of it but at the entrance I already could hear him speak, that was quite nice (especially recognizing the lines...). Anyway, these pictures are from a later show.

Un Poco Loco (one of these madmen kissed me on the head...with wet lips...yummy *g*):

Then we watched Cultus Ferox. Why did I take sooo many pictures of them?!? :-) I'm really not sure...*g*

My brother decided to make a fool out of himself by playing "King Rainer" in one of Narrenkai's shows:

Nachtwindheim...one of the guys asked me where I got my sunglasses, I told him he should simply type "porn sunglasses" on Ebay, then he said he'd also need a moustache and a 30 cm penis for that but because he doesn't want to shorten the length of his penis he's not gonna get himself porn sunglasses now. :-) OMG. Nachtwindheim, how I love them.